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Mediation is a process used to help people resolve their disputes. When disputes occur, one or both parties have often reached a conclusion that is firmly held and they are unable to convince the other party that their conclusion is the correct one. Parties are sometimes at an impasse where they see no way of resolving their differences other than hiring a lawyer and going to court and asking the Judge to impose a solution. Litigation is expensive, time consuming and the parties have no control over the decisions made by a Judge. Parties in dispute should consider hiring a mediator to help them resolve the dispute on terms they can accept before they decide to turn over the decision to a Judge. The mediator is a neutral facilitator who has knowledge about the process and law behind the dispute. 

Sid J. Kobewka is skilled and knowledgeable about the mediation process and have seen how, through mediation, parties can gain a new perspective and begin to consider new ways of resolving the dispute. In mediation, parties design the solution that best meets their individual needs and this can be much more satisfying than having a Judge impose a solution. As an experienced lawyer, Sid J. Kobewka understands the legal information that is important when arriving at a solution and the advantages of the parties reaching an agreement through mediation as opposed to a Court Judgment.


Arbitration is a process similar to Court. The parties to the dispute sign a contract and hire an arbitrator to make a binding decision. Arbitration is appropriate when the parties have first explored ways of settling the matter through mediation and they see no way to arrive at a solution. In an arbitration, the parties can design the process in a manner that can be more efficient and cost effective than proceeding through the Court system. The strict rules of evidence and the scheduling difficulties in obtaining trial time can be avoided when arbitration is chosen. Parties can also choose a combination of a mediation and arbitration which is referred to as a Med/Arb process.

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