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Legal advice you can trust. 

People need  advice and information that help them feel comfortable and confident in the decisions they make and to have peace of mind throughout all aspects of their legal matters.​

Sid J. Kobewka provides this advice and offers different ways to meet legal needs. Along with appearing in  Court,  he also specialize in other conflict resolution  approaches including   negotiations focused on addressing your needs, collaborative law, mediation and arbitration.

Whether you are:

  • Going through a separation or divorce

  • Buying or selling property

  • Starting up a business or needing help with corporate matters

  • Needing a Will, Power of Attorney or Personal Directive

  • Dealing with a loved one’s estate

  • In the midst of a personal, family, corporate or commercial dispute.

We understand the stress and uncertainty, when matters in your life need the attention of a qualified and skilled  We’re here to help, so you can move forward confidently, knowing that your legal matter is being addressed.  

To schedule an appointment, please see our Contact tab. We welcome your inquiries and request for our legal or mediation services.

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